Friday, May 29, 2009

Martin's Cove

>>>>>>>>>>>>Elder & Sister Leavitt (click to enlarge)
For any- one who hasn't been there, you are really missing out. What a special, spiritual place. Judy, Glade and I left my home Monday morning at 8 and headed up Morgan Canyon. It was a beautiful drive. We stopped in Rawlins and had lunch (yuck) then headed for the "Cove". We got there around 3:30 p.m. and touched base with cousins, Ken and Peggy Leavitt. We took in the Visitor's Center and heard a few stories, as Ken and Peggy had taken Tuesday as their "P" day for our arrival, so we made arrangements to meet the next morning at 10:30. We had a room in Casper, so headed for there and dinner.

We got up Tuesday morning and went to our breakfast buffet in the motel. I had a waffle, along with other things, forgetting that I can't do that. (sugar) I didn't stop to think of why I hadn't had one for such a long time (senility!). So about 45 minutes after breakfast we were on the road to the "Cove" and I was sick to my stomach. Glade had to stop at nearly every bathroom we came to (few and far between in this part of WY) so I could try to get some relief. It helped a little, but I was in such pain I was getting dizzy and weak. I told him I wanted a blessing when we got to the Cove, so I have the distinction of receiving a beautiful blessing at the hands of Ken and Glade at the little chapel at Martin's Cove. The sickness was really a "wake-up" call for me as I knew that my 'Father' was sending me a message that I needed to make changes in my life (sugar #1, bad eating habits, and too little exercise).

After about an hour, everything was pretty much back to normal so we took our tour of the Site. We received a royal tour from Ken and Peggy in a little golf-cart-like vehicle. Lots of fun. We heard the stories behind the stories and it was all so fascinating and spiritual. You could "FEEL" the spirit at every turn. A few years ago, President Hinckley was there and stood near the actual cove, and said that it was as hallowed as any temple. So true! The spirits of the people who died there are hovering and helping the missionaries and others everywhere there. Those two missions, Martin and Willie, are called the "crying" missions because of the sadness, stories, spirit, etc. that is felt and heard there. Stories abound at the Martin and Willie Sites (Willie is to the west about 70 miles from Martin. Every tour guide (missionary) we had, at both sites, cried while we heard the stories. There are 60 missionary couples at Martin's and 17 at Willie's. We left Martin's about 3:30 and headed for Willie's. We toured that site and heard the stories and watched videos, then headed for Riverton, WY and our motel.

We took the route home that parallels the Mormon Trail and stopped to see everything we could. We got to my house around 5:30 Wed. Judy & Glade are so fun to be with. Judy is just 'my Angel', and Glade is so helpful and such a sweet guy. Thanks to them for a wonderful trip.

If anyone hasn't been to Martin's Cove yet, now is the time to go, when we have Leavitt Cousins serving there. They are so humble and sweet, both of them. I love them dearly! And, I HIGHLY recommend the trip!!

P.S. Since coming home, I am on a sugar-free diet and watching carefully what I eat. I've messed around long enough. I'm also exercising daily, and hope to be in a lot better shape by the reunion next month!!


Ashlie Dalton said...

sounds like such a fun trip grams. and i'm glad to hear you are doing better. hope it helps, i'm sure it will.
i also hope to see you this coming week?

Heidi said...

I'm glad you got to go, and I'm so glad you had such a good time (bathroom stops excepted.) It makes me want to go visit...maybe when the kids are a little older.

Me and sugar don't do so hot together either. Keep us updated on how it goes!!!

Kaycee said...

I am so glad you got feeling better to go! you world traveler!
Sounds like so much fun!

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