Tuesday, September 25, 2012


 Photo: My new diggs!
After being in my little home for 17 years, I'm finally in a very nice, larger home that is beautiful, that has a heavenly yard, front and back and is perfect for me.  I only moved a mile north, from North Salt Lake to Woods Cross, but I'm in an entirely new ward and stake.  I'm at 1329 S 675 W in Woods Cross, just west of I-15 and a block north of 1500 South.  I sold my previous home to the park where I lived.  My son Bill and wife Laura, bought this home as a rental unit.  It also has a very nice basement apartment.  They extended me the privilege of living here, and my granddaughter, Tawni, will rent the basement.  It will be wonderful getting closer to Tawni.  She is an angel.  I've been here 3 weeks now and it's starting to feel like home.  My favorite things about the new home are 1) all the space to wander around in; 2) luxurious new carpeting throughout; 3) plantation shutters on all the windows; 4) beautiful, huge fenced in back yard with large covered patio and kids play house/gym; 5) central air, great insulation and great windows and storm doors.  Two baths are nice too!  I could go on and on but you get the picture.  It's heaven for me.

A SPECIAL thanks to all the 5th Ward members and my family who helped me pack and move.  It was very special the way they just kept showing up on moving morning Sept 1st.  Such a wonderful birthday gift.  I won't forget this birthday.  They all made it SO much easier.  Special mention goes to my sweet visiting teacher, Joyce Sorensen, and hubby, Bill.  Joyce was ALWAYS there; and to Becky Lingard and Marilyn Lavender who worked tirelessly packing.  And to my sweet cousin, Betty Gustin Webster, who drove all the way down from Logan to help.  My heart was touched!  Also to my home teachers, Dale Reynolds and Cliff Pay; all the bishops (I think we counted 5) and Jeri Titensor; the high priests and elders; and all those big-muscled young guys who all worked so hard.  Thank you all!!  I feel very blessed. My son took this picture after I was moved in, and many people had already left.  There were really a lot of ward members helping and I am eternally grateful! 


Heidi said...

Lots of help makes moving so much nicer!

Your new home sounds like a perfect fit!

Ashlie Dalton said...

Love your new house, and so glad there were so many to help you move. Love you! xoxo

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